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As an innovative leader in the field of workplace wellness and healing, I have pioneered a research-based approach to work-related issues ranging from career dissatisfaction to bullying.
Tailored Individual Coaching & Mentoring

It is difficult to predict if your career choices will lead to a healthy workplace or if you will even enjoy your work. A lack of career fulfillment can result in unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

With individual coaching and mentoring, you will be able to develop your professional identity, clarity, and purpose. Together, we will identify the obstacles and challenges causing work unhappiness in your life, and we will devise tailored solutions.

What if....

· You are you being misled about your workplace and culture?

· You are the solution to your work worries?

· You could transform yourself and become the worker that you desire?

By working with me, YOU WILL:

  • Boost your self-awareness and clarity in the workplace
  • Unleash your professional potential
  • Develop a clear sense of purpose and identity in your career and work
  • Strengthen your skills as a professional
  • Overcome workplace challenges
  • Get solid, actionable work advice

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Leadership Development Coaching

Bullying at work, managing conflict and promoting employee happiness are big challenges. As a consultant, my services promote resilience while stopping (or preventing) unhealthy and expensive patterns. Instead of avoiding the problem or playing negative shame and blame games, I will help you:

  • Get clarity around what is happening.
  • Analyze the strengths and improvement opportunities of the company
  • Learn productive ways to handle conflict and diffuse tensions
  • Develop the skills to detect, manage, and prevent workplace bullying and toxic work environments before they take over your company
  • Rapidly develop a plan of action to lead through difficult situations
  • Acquire the skills needed to prevent and lessen the impact from toxic work environments bully culture.
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Transformative Keynote Speaking & Workshops

Research-based and proven, my talks and presentations enable organizations and teams to strengthen organizational wellness and individual resilience. I offer engaging and resourceful workshops that promote employee happiness, productivity, and help you avoid costly hiring and retention mistakes.

Latest speaking topics include:

· Creating Winning Workplaces that Thrive

· The Pursuit of Wellness: Strategies for a Healthier Workplace

· Warning: Workplace Bullying

· Bystander Intervention Training

· Leading a Healthy Workplace

· Promoting Wellness in Toxic Workplaces

· The Workplace Bullying Crisis in Mental Health

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My Approach
I am a highly qualified workplace wellness coach with extensive experience in social work and sociology. It is my nature to be a straightshooter and to treat people with respect, dignity, and kindness. As an integrity-focused person, I strongly believe that there is always a solution to every challenge we face. Through my career in higher education, I have seen many challenges at work and seen leaders and workers struggle to address these issues. Workplace bullying and toxic work environments are my areas of expertise.
Our Clients
North American Association of Christian Social Workers; Presentation title: Bullying: The Plague Infecting our Workplaces
Southern Illinois University; Behind Closed Doors: Exploring Persistent Workplace Aggression, the Impact, and Solutions for Organizations
Iowa Hospital Association, Presentation Title: Bullying: The Plague Infecting our Workplaces
Missouri Association of Occupational Health Nurses; Presentation Title: Bullying: The Plague Infecting our Workplaces
National Association of Social Workers (NASW); Presentation Title: Bullying: The Plague Infecting our Workplaces
Dr. Jan Kircher
Founder & Researcher
Workplace bullying is an organizational culture issue that impacts all employees. The financial costs to an organization and individual are enormous--the cost to organizational and individual wellness incalculable.

If you have experienced workplace bullying or know someone who has, we can help! I founded Stop Bully Culture & The American Workplace Advocacy Center to make sure you get fair treatment and a safe work environment.

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